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Overcoming My Lace Phobia

Overcoming My Lace Phobia

I need to confess something: I have a Lace-Phobia. It’s true! Let me explain… When I was a teenager, my mother had a small home-based business making lacy-teddy bears in wicker chairs. It’s true. We spent hours with hot glue guns, strategically gluing strands of lace and ribbon onto stuffed bears. My mother sold the … Continue reading

Vintage Skirt

I adore my new pink 1950’s style vintage skirt (from the thrift store, of course!!). Jazzed it up with a grey jacket and funky ring! Also tried it with a sleeveless white blouse… FUNKY RING:

Vintage Dress

Here is my Favorite Vintage Dress… I bought it at a thrift store when I was 19!!! I paired it with purple Betsey Johnson tights and Mary Jane Heels (also from the thrift store!).